Ali, Muhammad

Angelou, Maya

Armstrong, Louis


Ashford, Evelyn

Attucks, Crispus

Brooks, Gwendolyn

Carver, George Washington

Carver, George Washington

Cary, Mary Ann Shadd

Civil Rights

Cole, Nat King

Cotton Gin

Cotton Gin

Cosby, Bill

Crandall, Prudence

Domino, Fats

Douglass, Frederick


Fitzgerald, Ella

Gibson, Althea

Gillespie, Dizzy

Hughes, Langston

Jackson, Michael


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Johnson, Magic

Jones, Absalom

Jordan, Michael

King, B.B.

King Jr., Martin Luther

Kitt, Eartha


Lee, Spike

Leonard, Sugar Ray

Malcom X

Mandela, Nelson


Montgomery Walk

Morrison, Toni

O'Neil, Shaquille

Obama, Barack

Owens, Jesse

Parks, Rosa

Parks, Rosa

Poitier, Sidney

Robinson, Jackie

Rudolph, Wilma

Silverstein, Shel









Truth, Sojourner

Tubman, Harriet

Tubman, Harriet

Washington, Booker T.

Winfrey, Oprah

Wonder, Stevie

Woods, Tiger

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